Become a Race Driver

Racing an open wheeled race car is pure racing. Unlike "tin top" cars which are heavily modified to try and make them handle, open wheeled cars are designed for one thing and one thing only....To drive hard and fast. They drive like no tin top can. They are light and stop and turn unbelievably well.

Most people think you need to start your racing career in go karts before you can drive a Formula Vee but nothing could be further from the truth. Quite a few Formula Vee drivers are people who just want the chance to race a car with out having to spend their life savings and have never raced anything before.

You can race a Formula Vee here in South Australia for less than $3000 a year.  1200cc cars can be bought for as little as $7000. If you want to see how little you can race for, then check out our costs page.

You can get to race on all the big tracks throughout Australia. Bathurst, Phillip Island, Sydney Motorsport Park, Barbagelo, Queensland Raceway, Mallala, Sandown, Winton and more.

Formula Vee is an open and friendly class. We do not cover our cars and hide what we are doing. We want as many people to experience the thrill of racing as we can. We will help you learn about your car and how to race it.  If you have always thought you would like to race, then now is the time to start.
You can start racing a Formula Vee from the age of 14.

If you would like to find out more, then head over to our contact page. We would love to help you become a race driver.

Everything you need to know about becoming a Formula Vee Driver