Karts to Cars

(The Next Step)

You can start racing Formula Vee at 14 years of age. If you are thinking of a career racing cars, we encourage you to start racing a Formula Vee as soon as you turn 14, whether you are winning in karts or not. This will give you a huge advantage over the drivers who wait until they are 16+ to make the step up to cars.

You will also get an advantage of learning the circuits around Australia, so that if you do go to a higher level, you are not wasting money learning the tracks.

Formula Vee run under the same rules Australia wide. That means you can race in any state and your car is compliant. FV race at Bathurst, Phillip Island, Barbagallo, Queensland Raceway, Sandown, Mallala, Symmons Plains, Winton and more.

You will also be surprised that the running costs of Formula Vee can be cheaper than racing a go kart. You can race a whole season in SA for $3000 (or less).

Formula Vee will teach you how to drive a race car at a fraction of the cost of other classes. Racing an open wheel race car is different to racing a go kart because you no longer have a nose cone and side pods to run into. True open wheel racing takes precision driving. Though the racing is still fierce, it is fair and contact is rare. Being "taken out" just does not happen.

Formula Vee is also very open and friendly. If you have a problem with something or want to know something, just ask another competitor (even the front runner!)

We do not cover our cars and keep things secret. We want as many cars on the grid as we can, so if you need something, we are all to happy to help.

Cars are completely different to karts and do not have the big "black magic" in set up to deal with. Quite a few young karters who have never had lots of success in karts, have taken to racing Formula Vee and have done really well.
Everything you need to know about becoming a Formula Vee Driver

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