What is Formula Vee?

The V in Formula Vee stands for Volkswagen. Every car runs a VW Beetle front H-beam, Gearbox and Engine. The regulations for the formula are the same Australia wide so you can race in any state on a level playing field.

There are two classes -
1200cc - Have a minimum weight of 500kg driver and car
Front running 1200 cars lap Mallala in 1 min 26

1600cc - Have a minimum weight of 515kg driver and car
Front running 1600 cars lap Mallala in 1 min 21


Formula Vee uses the aircooled boxer engine out of the VW Beetle. There are strict guidelines as to what modifications can be done to the engines. The 1200cc engines are open to a little more modifications than the 1600cc engine. Every engine must run the standard carby, fan shroud and generator housing. Engines and heads are sealed.
The 1600cc engines have a restrictor plate under the carby.


Formula Vee use Yokohama Tyres. It is a long lasting grooved tyre, which can be used for up to two seasons. Because it is grooved there is no need for wet tyres. This greatly reduces the cost of racing.


The suspension set up on a Formula Vee is free from rules. Some choose to stay with the standard VW shocker mounting points and some engineer modern, fancy set ups. The choice is entirely yours.


Volkswagen 4 speed H pattern.

1200 cars have a choice of long and short ratio box.

1600 cars must run the long box with identical ratios.

Gearboxes are sealed.


1200cc cars can run either the standard drum brakes or upgrade to disc brakes.

1600cc cars must run disc brakes.

The disc brakes do not have to be Volkswagen.