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Formula Vee is one of the most accessible forms of motorsport in Australia. Running costs are low, maintenance is easy and there is always someone willing to lend a hand if you need it. 

The cars are light and smaller than road cars, so they are very easy to tow and almost any car with a tow bar can handle the job easily. They also won’t take up too much space at home!

Our getting started guide should help you get on the right track.

If you have any questions, want to see a car or want to meet us, check our contact us page!

Formula Vee Information Sheet

What is Formula Vee?

Formula Vee is a low cost open wheel race category. It uses a VW Beetle engine, gearbox and front end. Engines used are 1200cc  &  1600cc

The 1200 class have an option of 2 gearboxes, for long and short tracks, normally use drum brakes and produce about 40 HP. They must weigh a minimum of 485 kg including driver.

The 1600 can run only one gearbox. Ratios are set and cannot be changed, must have disc brakes and side protection, a restrictor plate under the carby to limit power, and weigh a minimum of 500kg.

What kind of racing can I do in a Formula Vee?

As well as competition circuit racing, can be raced in Hillclimbs and Modern Regularity.

How often can I race?

In SA there are 4 or 5 circuit race meets each year using Mallala and The Bend. If you wish to travel Interstate, you could race most weekends.

You must be a member of a club.

How often could I practice?

Generally one or more days each month, with all open wheeler catagories on the track together. Usually a 15 min session each hour.

How much does a Formula Vee cost?

1200cc used cars could be bought for $7,000 up. 1600cc  for $13,000 up, some include trailers.

You could build one yourself but must meet Formula Vee regulations.

Various websites could have Vee’s for sale.

What to look for in a used car?

Every race car must have a Motorsport Australia Log Book, have compliance seals on the engine and gearbox, and have a Sealing Card. Always best to have a Club Member to inspect a car you may be interested in.

What are the running costs

Race Entries – $400 to $700 depending on track used.

Tyres – $1000 a set (can last up to 8 meetings or more.)

Engine Rebuild – $2500 or more depending on precision requested. Can be done by anyone but must be assembled with at ‘Sealer’ present.

Licence – $480 annually

Club Membership – $75

Fuel – bowser fuel, up to 30 litres each meeting.

What equipment do I need?

Approved Helmet, HANS device, Balaclava, Race suit, Gloves, Socks, Boots and Timing device.

What tools do I need?

Basic tool kit, tyre pressure gauge, torque wrench, jack and stands and any spares you think you might need. Eg. Plugs, points, gaskets

How do I get a licence?

Visit Motorsport Australia website/licence. Clubman Circuit is all that needed initially.

A medical is required for initial application and every 2 years if over 45 years of age.